see you at our first friday art party! at the shop 3/2, 6pm


We've made a great discovery! One of the best parts of having the SOBU store is that it has allowed us time to just plain old HANG OUT. This is a big deal folks. Since we've had our kids, we've been busy. And that is a serious understatement. Between freelance commitments (part of which is that I commute to SF 2-3 times a week), SOBU online and now store commitments, kid commitments like drop off and pick up at school and activities and play dates, homework time with kids, cooking, laundry. The list goes on here, you know, life commitments, bills, etc...doesn't leave much time to hang out per se. Well, now with the store, guess what? Just take a look at the photo above from today. Enough said. And by the way, we're loving it! Come hang out with us.

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