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Alessandro and I attended the Las Vegas Furniture Market this past Monday and Tuesday and it was a pretty crazy experience. It was my first visit to the market...I'd been to Vegas before many years ago. There were three absolutely huge buildings, one of which is pictured above, devoted exclusively to furniture wholesalers presenting their wares. Mostly furniture, but some odds (i'm talking seriously odd here) and ends here and there like home accessories, wall art and rugs. The scale and sheer quantities of furniture was over the top and the fact that the market is only open a handful of days just twice a year and the buildings essentially sit there, not used and totally closed up the entire remainder of the year speaks to the excess in this country. Anyway, despite that it was a great two days, well spent meeting some interesting and entrepreneurial people. We made some good connections for our little store and Alessandro was able to meet up with some of his freelance clients and see his designs in their showrooms! So proud of my husband.

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