We're giving it our all in starting up our business and it's kicking our butts. It's a ton of work and it's always there, lurking around the corner, whispering, "Do more. You're not done. Finish me." It's pretty much a relentless labor of love. But life does go on as usual in most other respects. Kids must be tended to, fed, cleaned, dishes must be done, freelance projects must be executed. must be made. There's not much time, so I do my art on the go. I'm constantly clicking. For years I've been shooting on the go and on my daily commute to here and there. So, from time to time I will add a few clicks to the blog. It's a great creative outlet for a trigger happy gal like myself. And lately I've been getting into adding type to my images. Behold, the first art entry above. Cheers!


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