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Paula Valenzuela

The work of Paula Valenzuela explores a complexity of layers and color. Her use of pouring mediums like fluid acrylics, resigns and pebeo paints enable her to create a deep complexity of depth and motion. It's this process of covering and uncovering that help to create a unique medium of suspended materials and a beautiful variance of color.


Valenzuela's work expresses the flowing journey and discovery of her inner self and it's relation to nature. With no preconceived notions of what she will create she gives herself fully to the moment, being completely present and fluid in her practice.

Drawing inspiration from her home country of Chile, she experiments with various colors and combinations that remind her of the natural landscape. The combinations of these natural, mineral-inspired palettes helps create a bridge between her and the patterns found in the natural world and help to create a connectedness to her origins.