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ReCheng Tsang

SOBU Oakland // Artist Feature REChang Tsang

ReCheng Tsang is a Berkeley based sculptor, working primarily with Porcelain. Her work explores texture, form and color through subtle manipulations, making an ambiguous appearance of material. Tsang typically makes site specific installations or smaller sculptures. Many of her pieces have been featured in prestigious galleries and exhibitions such as the Dorothy Weiss Gallery in San Francisco and the Sonoma Museum of Contemporary Art in Santa Rosa. Along with being a talented sculptor Tsang has held positions as the co-director of the Oakland Art Gallery and as a lecturer in the Ceramics department at the California College of the Arts.

For those who have visited the store in recent months, you'll recognize her large scale wall hangings that drape from the ceiling. These eye catching pieces create an intended visual space, helping separate spaces through implied line. Tsang's other works show her versatility with porcelain as a material. Tearing thin ribbons of the porcelain and layering them into a two-pieced grid, Tsang is able to achieve a soft and fabric-like texture. Glazed and unglazed strips create a complex, almost feathered effect. Upon closer inspection you can see how each piece is crafted, only then do you find out it's true material.