In Common With Lighting

We are big fans of the Brooklyn-based lighting company In Common With and finally hit upon them after a long and exhaustive search for a lighting line that would fit well with our aesthetic. In Common With is a creation of Nick Ozemba and Felicia Hung, who met on the first day of their freshman year in the furniture design program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Nick went on to design interiors while Felicia designed products, until they reunited to form In Common With in 2017. 

Through an intensive studio practice, the In Common With team has come to the aesthetic they are known for today: simple, striking, and calm. Their studio values collaboration, curiosity, and iteration. As a design process, they return to the same concepts and forms again and again, so that each object connects to the others in an effortlessly expandable catalog. The effort and influence of many invisible hands - designers, glassblowers, ceramicists, metalworkers, engineers - can be seen within every In Common With object. Each piece is made-to-order in their Gowanus, Brooklyn studio. 

SOBU is beyond excited to be working with In Common With to bring some truly exceptional lighting into our customers' homes! The balance of aesthetic and engineering in In Common With's collection seems to make the extraordinary possible. View our collection of In Common With Lighting at SOBU.