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Kathleen Mclean

Most of Kathy's artistic work has taken shape as social practice, creating museum exhibitions in collaboration with diverse communities, and this work often bleeds over into her personal art practice. In the current “to do” series, Kathy reconfigures the residue of past exhibition projects (to do lists, sketches, and notes from conference calls) into new patterns that appear more “natural.” How disconnected are we, really?

Kathy lives and works in Berkeley, California.

Artist's Statement

Medieval alchemists led us astray when they identified two kinds of nature: natura naturans or “creative nature” (the natural world), and natura naturata or “created nature” (the human world). My work has always focused on human processes and values and their relationship to natural systems and interactions. While humans clearly are of the natural world, our ambitions push us to stand apart, to rise above, to distinguish ourselves. Human activity seems so disconnected from nature, yet we have changed the course of natural climate patterns for at least the next 500 years.