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Giza Floor Canvas Save Help Settings

Giza Floor Canvas

These floor canvases start as raw heavyweight cotton duck.

Once cut, the front and back of each piece is prepared with an acrylic sizing which shrinks the canvas to the desired dimension and adds structure to the textile. The designs are laid out in pencil before hand-painting with an exceptionally durable finish that resists stains, abrasion, mildew and sunlight. 

After laminating the hem with a hardwearing acrylic adhesive, the canvas is treated with a reductive process that imbues each piece with a unique impression of patterns found in the mid-19th century factory where they are created.

The hem is sewn with a beautifully efficient technique derived from 1930s Swiss tarps. The special resin which bonds the high-tenacity nylon thread provides defense against wear, tear and moisture. As a finishing touch, the upper surface is buffed with a proprietary blend of waxes.

Finally, each piece is serialized with silver leaf.
Please allow 3-4 weeks for delivery.