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This one defies the odds.

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Back in 2011 when their kids were still tiny and Barack Obama was still president, Laleh and Alessandro launched their very first design: the Junk in the Trunk kids bed. It was available for sale on the new SOBU website and after a few quiet months, a couple of bloggers featured the bed and sales picked up. Based on the positive response on that very first design, Laleh and Alessandro took a leap and launched their first collection of designs for the home. A cozy lounge chair, a dramatic dining table and a few other key pieces rounded out the debut in 2013 at their store in its original location in downtown Oakland. Named after their kids Sofia and Bruno, SOBU hopes to inspire you and help in making your home truly feel like home. It brings Laleh and Alessandro so much joy to know that they have contributed in bringing beauty into your home with designs that will be by your side for years to come. Thanks for visiting!



This is one of the most popular and well-loved designs in our Oakland shop. New color GRAPHITE! Stain-resistant and ready for some serious lounging.

Barrow Lounge

Available in 3 colors and sporting a casual yet elegant profile. Petite size perfect for adding to that empty spot in your living room, guest room or bedroom.

Bok collection

Another customer favorite! Bok table, bench and chairs offered in a variety of sizes, materials and configurations.