Clients x Places

Decorotation Interiors, 2021

In addition to the customers who visit our shop in Oakland and those who are familiar with us through our online store, we work with a wide variety of design professionals (architects, sourcing agencies, interior designers) on an equally wide variety of projects including private residences, offices, restaurants and hotels. 

A partial list of clients we've worked with and places you'll find our designs:

Adobe Systems, Inc. (San Jose, CA)
AML Studio (Los Angeles, CA)
Andaz Hotel (San Diego, CA)
Andaz Resort (Mayakoba, Mexico)
Arcade Coffee Roasters (Riverside, CA)
Baran Studio Architecture (Oakland, CA)
Benchmark Climbing (San Francisco, CA)
Bleu Leman Design (Oakland, CA)
The Brown Studio (Encinitas, CA)
Bungalow Kitchen (Tiburon, CA)
Butler Armsden Architects (San Francisco, CA)
Canoe Hospitality (El Segundo, CA)
Cathie Hong Interiors (San Francisco, CA)
Christen Ales Interior Design (Austin, TX)
Communal Coffee (San Diego, CA)
Curate Interiors (San Francisco, CA)
de la Cruz Interior Design (Oakland, CA)
Decorotation Interiors (San Francisco, CA)
Envelope Architecture + Design (Berkeley, CA)
EvensonBest (New York, NY)
Facebook, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA)
Fenn Interiors (Los Angeles, CA)
Fluid Interiors (Minneapolis, MN)
Flora Grubb (San Francisco, CA)
Found Design Studio (Essex, MA)
Golestan Center for Language Immersion (El Cerrito, CA)
Google, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
GTL Architects (San Francisco, CA)
House of Honey (Pasadena, CA)
Innen Studio (San Francisco, CA)
K Interiors (San Francisco, CA)
Katie Leclercq (Seattle, WA)
Lauren Nelson Design (San Anselmo, CA)
LMB Interiors (Oakland, CA)
Lone Rock Foundation (Bailey, CO)
The LOCZI Design Group (San Francisco, CA)
Magdalena Keck Interior Design (New York, NY)
Manou Design Group (Oakland, CA)
McCray Co (Austin, TX)
Medium Plenty (Oakland, CA)
Missouri River Ranch (Wolf Creek, MT)
Niche Interiors (San Francisco, CA)
Noz Design (San Francisco, CA)
One&Only Nyungwe House (Nyamasheke Nuyngwe Forest Reserve, Rwanda)
One Workplace (San Francisco, CA)
Paloma Home Studio (Oakland, CA)
Pivot Interiors (San Francisco, CA)
Red Oak Realty (Oakland, CA)
Regan Baker Design (San Francisco, CA)
Sheridan Group (Los Angeles, CA)
Studio JYO (San Francisco, CA)
Studio Plow (Santa Rosa, CA)
Studio Shoshin (Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA)
Sugar Bowl Resort (Norden, CA)
sullivan + associate architects (Martha’s Vineyard, MA)
Suzie Novak Interiors (Oakland, CA)
Temescal Works (Oakland, CA)
Tineke Triggs (San Francisco, CA)
Veneer Designs (Los Angeles, CA)
Virgin Hotel (Las Vegas, NV)
WeWork (Dallas, TX; Los Angeles, CA; Oakland, CA; San Francisco, CA; San Diego, CA)
WRNS Studio (San Francisco, CA)