SOBU Nominated for Oakland Indie Awards - Ripple Effect

Oakland Indie Awards Nomination

We're honored to have been nominated for the 11th Oakland Indie Awards in the Ripple Effect category! The Ripple Effect Category awarded to businesses that support the local economy by buying supplies and services from other local vendors, creating a “ripple effect” as money circulates within the community. 

We want to thank those who nominated us for this award and hope to see you at the ceremony at Oakland Museum of California. 

For more info on tickets and other nominees check out

Introducing Our New Armadillo&Co Collection

We're excited to introduce you to Armadillo&Co, our latest line of rugs, entrance mats and table top placemats. The company out of Australia has recently expanded to the U.S. and SOBU is one of it's first retailers. 

Armadillo&Co got its start from founders Jodie Fried and Sally Pottharst in 2009. Jodie and Sally's eclectic background ins business, combined with their interests in aesthetics and social responsibility helped make them a perfect team. Their hands on efforts has made Armadillo&Co a global company that's currently helping make a big difference in the countries it operates in.

We first came across Armadillo's rugs on our recent trip to Australia and fell in love with the companies impeccable eye for design and their even more impressive craftsmanship. What really spoke to us was also Armadillo's commitment to ethical employment and social responsibility. 

With every purchase of an Armadillo product, you're providing employment, education and financial support to communities in India that craft each product by hand. With each product being 100% hand made using fair trade practices you can rest assured that your purchase is both made with care and responsibility in mind. 

Diving into the product itself, there are various styles and designs that Armadillo&Co has to choose from. Each piece has it's own small story to tell and cultural heritage to embody. Shopping through Armadillo's collection is like taking a trip around the world, with a style and inspiration from nearly every continent. The products offer a variety of sustainable, eco-friendly materials that are beautiful in every respect.

Armadillo&Co's vast catalog of options offers a style to fit nearly any home. From the kids room to the dining room there's a style that can fit your needs. For those interested in checking out more of their collection you can follow the link provided below and see what fits best in your home.

Armadillo&Co Collection

How To Live The Hygge Lifestyle in California

You may be asking yourself, what is Hygge? For those who haven't heard of it before, it's best described as "the art of being consciously cozy." The term Hygge (pronounced hue-guh) is a Danish term referring to surrounding yourself with quality, comfort, relaxation and in doing so creating cozy inviting atmospheres

Hygge has been a way of life in Danish culture for many years, manifesting itself in various aspects of daily life. It's presence adding to the joyful and easy going nature of the country. 
Over the past several years Denmark has been widely regarded as the happiest country on the planet, multiple years running (until 2017). It's this overwhelming happiness that has prompted many to be curious as to why many Scandanavians are able to stay so happy.  

Recently the wave of Hygge has crashed here in the U.S. sparking a huge peak of interest across Pinterest, Instagram and other social sites. This new adoption of the Scandinavian way of thinking has created a trend in replicating the joyful and laid back nature that Hygge breeds. 
Here in California our philosophy on life isn't far off from the Danish Hygge. We enjoy a surrounding ourselves with quality, comfort and relaxation. Much like the Danes, we enjoy creating inviting atmospheres, indulging in fine wines and spending time with our loved ones. Even so there's always room to have a little more Hygge in your life, and we'd be happy to help you find it!

Bringing Hygge To Your Home

The best way to experience Hygge is in your own home. By creating an environment that helps you to unwind you'll be able to experience a little bit of hygge everyday. To help bring the hygge into your home, we've collected our best furniture and decor, all designed to maximize your comfort and happiness. 

Viking Lounge Chair
Fittingly, the first piece in our collection pays homage to the Nordic conquerors that once inhabited Denmark and its surrounding region. Our Viking lounger is constructed in two wood types with a light ash wood and beautiful walnut construction. Postured with a Scandinavian inspired frame and thick fluffy cushions this lounger will serve perfectly as your personal viking throne. It's the perfect place to unwind after a long days plundering. 
Karl Sofa
The shapely Karl Sofa is an absolutely beautiful addition to any home. The Karl's smooth lines and plush texture make it a striking piece. It's both classic and contemporary at the same time with a sturdy construction and heirloom quality design. The Karl comes in a Dark Grey and Mocha option and is a perfect place to cozy up to your favorite book.
Thor Dining Table Walnut
Nothing is better than gathering together with friends and family to enjoy a nice meal. Our and elegant Thor Dining Table allows for comfortable socializing and dining with it's round shape. The stunning Walnut color and sturdy base design make this table a statement piece for any dining room experience.
Burt Lounger
Few things help give you that sense of hygge like cozying up to your favorite chair next to a warm fireplace. In our Burt Lounger you'll be enveloped with comfort and relaxation.  The hardwood frame and siuous springs provide support, while the high density foam cushion and danish grey wool upholstery make it comforting and inviting. With the Burt Lounge you'll have a new favorite seat in the house. 

Chix Sectional
There's nothing more hygge than sitting down for a long weekend of Netflix. When you're binge watching through your favorite shows you want to be as comfortable as possible. With our Chix Sectional you can lay back, spread out and bundle up. This spacious sectional sofa can fit the whole family and its chaise lounge is perfect to kick your feet up after a long day. 


Happy Hyggeing!!!

We hope you enjoy the selections we laid out here, and hopefully you can use them to bring a little more hygge into your home. If you're interested in finding more of our furniture and decor check out our store at 5451 College Avenue. Oakland or visit us at


We have a new SOBU location in Oakland smack dab in the heart of Rockridge. It must have been serendipity that Alessandro met Le Kube owner Romain and they hit it off. We are now sharing this amazing space and would love for you to come by and see us. Right next door to Atomic Garden and up the block from Diesel Bookstore. See you soon!